“ Transforma em Acao” in the world

Welcome to the Transforma em Acao

The Project

The TRANSFORM IN ACTION Project is a socio-cultural project that aims to transform the reality of self-indulgence/victimhood into protagonism, using as a transformation tool the critical reading of books and of the world.

Based on the theory of many educational thinkers such as Freire, Gardner, Célestin Freinet and Lev Vygotsky, the project is a citizenship workshop capable of giving the individual self-esteem and knowledge, voice and time, to act consciously in the environment in which he lives.

It was founded in Felixlandia, a small town in the heart of Brazil. It originated when its founder, Ms. Fernanda Mendes, a local, idealized a community full of empowered, knowledgeable, youth, capable of critical thinking and ready to tackle the world. In her mind the best way to achieve that was through education and her tools proposed are books, arts and culture.

Who We Are – The Team

We are a team of locals, kind-hearted people joining efforts to fight for a more empowered community. We are transformation agents working to change our youth into a “Generation of Value”.

What We Do

We foster opportunity for people from the community to have an enriching knowledge expansion experience through the following:

  • A physical location: a space where they can always come to when they search for knowledge;
  • Books on a wide variety of topics, organized as a library;
  • Anybody can sign up for a workshop to acquire computer skills;
  • Language classes: we offer a mix of virtual and on-site classroom with a highly qualified method of teaching and material;
  • Meeting of Value: a gathering of people to share their experiences based on readings;
  • Live Poetry: a group of youngsters gathers to write poetry and recite them outdoors;
  • Story time for children;
  • Flower arrangement workshops;
  • Conferences on specific topics;
  • Courses and workshops on specific topics such as organizational skills to make your dreams come true, high stardands of hygiene when working in the food industry;
  • Live theater: a theatrical group who performs outdoors;


Our mission is to interfere positively in order to change destinies, showing alternatives paths to those who seek a direction, through fostering love for reading, debating, acquiring knowledge, culture and arts, which will result in a more empowered community.


Our objective is to instigate the search for knowledge and foster the thirst for personal, intellectual and professional growth, through a network between transformation agents within the community.

To become a transformation agent

If you are interested in offering something to the community, anything really, such as your talents, your arts, your techniques, your time as a volunteer and even much needed funding, please reach out to us at


TEL: (31) 99351-0948

EMAIL: contato@transformaemacao.com.br

For more information

For further information, please navigate our web. You can also email us at

contato@transformaemacao.com.br. We speak Portuguese, English and Spanish and we can establish communication in French and Italian.



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